Job Placement Tops 90%

The Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2013 heads to commencement with a bright future. Highly capable analytics professionals ready to tackle the challenges of big data, they are in high demand in virtually every sector of the economy. The 81-member Class of 2013 (double the size of prior classes) became the sixth consecutive cohort to attain over 90-percent job placement by graduation since the Institute’s inception in 2007. Ninety-five percent of students reported one or more offers of employment, over 50-percent reported 3 or more offers. Just ahead of graduation 92-percent have accepted offers for new positions. Students logged an average of 15 job interviews, which is comparable to graduates of the past 2 years. Among the 136 employers interviewing, thirty-two employers—all based in the U.S.—succeeded in hiring one or more candidates. Twenty seven-percent of the class will take up employment in North Carolina. Average base salaries increased 7.4-percent.