About the InstituteWelcome to the Institute for Advanced Analytics, home to the nation’s first Master of Science in Analytics degree program. This is where data meets the future.Institute for Advanced AnalyticsThe Institute for Advanced Analytics prepares data savvy individuals for leadership in a digital world. Our mission is to produce the world’s finest analytical practitioners — data scientists, analysts, and consultants — who have mastered complex methods for large-scale data modeling, who have a passion for solving challenging problems through teamwork, who are guided by intellectual curiosity, honesty and integrity, and who strive to attain the highest level of professionalism through continuous self-improvement.

The goal of analytics is to derive and effectively communicate actionable insights from a vast quantity and variety of data. It covers a broad spectrum of activities, including data management and quality, mathematical and statistical methods for data modeling, and techniques for visualizing data in support of enterprise-wide decision making. Driving analytics is the unprecedented amount of data available today. There is a pressing need for professionals with strong quantitative skills coupled with an understanding of how analytics can be applied with speed, accuracy and creativity to the critical challenges facing organizations.

Founded at North Carolina State University, the Institute is housed in modern facilities located on the university’s picturesque 1,200-acre Centennial Campus. It serves as the focal point for a university-wide, interdisciplinary collaboration among a large number of faculty. The Institute’s flagship program is the nation’s first Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree. The MSA is an intensive, full-time, 10-month learning experience with an innovative curriculum developed exclusively for students in the program. It is NC State’s leading master’s degree measured in terms of student outcomes and its graduates are among the university’s most sought-after and highly compensated. Benchmark studies place the MSA in the ranks of comparable master’s degrees at the nation’s most prestigious universities. The success of the MSA has made it the archetype for scores of other programs across the country.

As with all accredited graduate degrees at NC State, the MSA is granted under the auspices of The Graduate School. With an enrollment of more than 30,000 students, NC State is the largest university in North Carolina and one of 16 institutions constituting the multi-campus University of North Carolina system. NC State is a member of the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, the American Council on Education, the Council of Graduate Schools, the National Commission on Accrediting, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Institute gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Dr. James Goodnight, co-founder of SAS Institute, who provided a gift to the university in 2006 to support curriculum development by our faculty. The Institute works closely with many employers across the country to enhance our curriculum and maintain its practical relevancy.

Interested individuals of exceptional talent and strong motivation are invited to apply for admission.

Employers seeking to hire analytics professionals are welcome to contact us. We will be glad to work with you.

The Institute is led by its founding director, Professor Michael Rappa.

Historical Timeline
Date Milestones
06.20.2005 Dr. Rappa proposes the Institute for Advanced Analytics.
04.05.2006 Dr. Rappa proposes the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA).
Provost appoints Dr. Rappa to launch Analytics Initiative.
SAS provides gift to support MSA curriculum development.
UNC Board of Governors authorizes MSA degree.
NC State Board of Trustees establishes the Institute.
24 students enroll in the inaugural Class of 2008.
First cohort of MSA candidates graduate to full employment.
Institute opens facility with capacity for 40 students.
MSA curriculum granted permanent status.
Institute’s expansion approved by Board of Trustees.
Institute welcomes 84 students in the Class of 2013.
Institute opens new addition to facility.
Institute increases full-time faculty and staff to 12 members.
Director gives Congressional testimony about success of MSA.
Trustees approve new facilities to enroll up to 120 students.
Institute receives an endowment for three professorships.
Dr. Rappa named Goodnight Director, in honor of distinguished alumnus Dr. James Goodnight.
05.26.2015 MSA applications surpass 1,000 mark for first time.
06.23.2015 9th MSA cohort begins with 115 students enrolled.
08.01.2015 Institute completes move into new 26,000 square foot facility in Alliance Building.
12.18.2015 Dr. Christopher Healey named Goodnight Professor.
12.01.2016 Institute opens expansion to Alliance Building facility, now totaling 30,000 square feet.
04.05.2017 Institute named finalist for 2017 INFORMS UPS George D. Smith Prize.
05.07.2018 MSA employment at graduation tops 90% for 11th consecutive year.
10.09.2018 MSA students post NC State’s highest average salaries upon graduation.
05.15.2019 MSA employment at graduation tops 90% for 12th consecutive year, with record high salaries.
06.01.2019 MSA Class of ’19 posts NC State’s highest average salaries, for the second consecutive year.
06.23.2019 Class of 2020 becomes the most-selective and academically accomplished cohort to matriculate.
06.01.2020 MSA Class of ’20 posts NC State’s highest average salaries, for the third consecutive year.
05.15.2021 The MSA alumni community surpasses the 1,000 milestone with the graduation of the Institute’s 14th cohort, the Class of ’21.

Institute for Advanced Analytics