Institute Earns Top Honors

The latest results from the University’s annual survey of new graduates shows once again, the Institute attains a level of excellence that sets it apart. For the fourth consecutive year, since the survey’s inception in 2018, the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) ranked at the top in terms of overall student satisfaction with their master’s program, their satisfaction with career guidance, and their satisfaction with employment outcomes.

Commenting on the findings, the Institute’s director, Dr. Michael Rappa, attributed the Institute’s standing to the unwavering dedication of its faculty and staff to achieving success with each and every student. “Their commitment to excellence, even in the most challenging of times during the pandemic, as the survey results demonstrate, adds up to why the MSA is far and away NC State’s highest performing master’s degree program.”

Over the four annual iterations of the Survey the Institute received a top rating of “very satisfied” from 70-82% of MSA students (with 94-100% responding), compared to the university average of 49-54% (with 55-67% responding).

The AY2020-21 results also gave the Institute top honors in 8 of the 12 program quality metrics, including:

  • Effectiveness of Program
  • Overall Quality of the Faculty
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Quality of Classroom Teaching
  • Cooperation and Helpfulness of the Staff
  • Mentoring Received from Faculty
  • Space, Facilities, and Equipment
  • Overall Graduate Experience

Data released in April by the NC State University Office of Institutional Strategy and Analysis are for the university masters graduates during the 2020-21 Academic Year (which would include results for the MSA Class of ’21). Although the Institute collects extensive data on MSA student outcomes, the Graduate Future Plans Survey affords unique insight into how MSA student outcomes compare with the total population of master’s program graduates, and how well the Institute performs relative to the other main academic units of the university.

See the full results of the Graduate Future Plans Survey.