Job Placement Tops 90%

The Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2012 heads to commencement this week with a bright future. Highly capable analytics professionals ready to tackle the challenges of big data, they are in high demand in virtually every sector of the economy. Employer demand for MSA candidates set new records on virtually every key performance indicator. Notably, the Class of 2012 became the fifth consecutive cohort since the Institute’s inception in 2007 to attain over 90-percent job placement by graduation. Candidates in 2012 also logged more interviews, more job offers, and higher starting salaries and bonuses than each of the previous four graduating classes.

Ninety-seven percent of students reported one or more offers of employment, over 80-percent reported 2 or more offers, and 92-percent have already accepted new positions with an employer. Starting salaries for candidates with 2 or more years of experience topped $100,000 for the first time. Candidates without experience averaged a record high over $77,000. Students logged a total of 596 initial job interviews (an average of 16) with 54 employers. Seventeen employers—all based in the U.S.—succeeded in hiring one or more candidates, and 58-percent of the class will take up employment in North Carolina.