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Since its inception in 2007, the MSA has attained an unparalleled track record for placing graduates in the Analytics profession
Are you seeking an education that will set you on the right career path with a strong return on investment? The Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) is a cost-effective program with rapid time to completion and a proven track record. Job placement rates have exceeded 90-percent by graduation over a period of seven consecutive years despite the severe economic recession. Benchmark studies of starting salaries and placement rates show MSA student outcomes rival, if not surpass those of comparable programs at other leading universities.

Professional development and career services are an integral part of the MSA experience, including assistance with resume writing, interview and presentation skills, and professional networking. All career services are coordinated by the Institute’s staff and provided exclusively to MSA students. Dozens of employers visit the Institute each year with the sole purpose of interviewing our students. Most job interviews are conducted on campus and arranged with the assistance of the Institute.

MSA Employment Outcomes – By Graduation
Class of 2013 Class of 2012
Total number of graduates:
81 38
Graduates seeking employment:
75 38
Students with 1 or more offers of employment:
96% 100%
Students with 2 or more offers of employment:
72% 82%
Students with 3 or more offers of employment:
51% 55%
Students with 4 or more offers of employment:
31% 18%
Students placed by graduation:
93% 92%
Number of employers interviewing:
136 54
Number of employers visiting:
50 40
Average number of initial interviews:
15 16
Interviews arranged by Institute:
92% 99%
Average base salary offer:
$95,700 $89,100
Median base salary offer:
$95,000 $81,000
Average base salary offer – with experience:
$104,500 $100,100
Range of salary offers – with experience:
$75,000– $140,000 $65,000– $160,000
Candidates with work experience:
55% 50%
Average base salary offer – without experience:
$83,200 $77,100
Range of salary offers – without experience:
$65,000– $100,000 $60,000– $100,000
Offers including a signing bonus:
76% 60%
Average amount of signing bonus:
$11,600 $16,100
Students sharing salary data:
96% 97%
Number of reported job offers:
218 87
Reported job offers based in U.S.:
100% 100%

Notes: The Institute increased its operating capacity from 40 to 85 students in July 2012. Class of 2013 data are posted as of May 21, 2013. Data with respect to salaries and bonuses are self-reported by graduates (without anonymity) and whenever possible verified by employers in cases where placement is arranged by the Institute (i.e., most candidates). Six graduates in 2013 did not seek new employment: 3 returned to a sponsoring employer and 3 continued studies for a PhD. Student job placements are full-time paid positions without exception; the Institute does not place students in part-time, internships, or pro bono work. Data are made public here to guide prospective students and employers. Average base salary figures do not include signing bonuses, relocation allowances or other forms of one-time compensation guaranteed upon signing. Experienced candidates are those who have 3 or more years of professional work experience before entering the program. Conditional job offers (i.e., those requiring security clearance prior to employment) are not included in the data. International students with the MSA degree are eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT). Graduation is held in May with the actual date varying each year. The Institute has a proven track record for placing its graduates in the analytics profession, but it does not under any circumstance offer a guarantee of employment upon completion of the MSA degree.

Annual Employment Report

Employment reports for each graduating class provide additional information about hiring employers and types of positions filled.


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