March Madness Yields $25 Million

$25 million—that’s the current tally on the dollar value of employment offers extended to the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2019 during the job placement period, fondly known around the Institute as “March Madness.” The Class of 2019 is on a record-setting pace to become our twelfth consecutive cohort to top 90-percent employment by graduation, with 85-percent of the students already accepting offers of employment in the profession. The current median base salary on accepted offers is a record high $100,000. MSA students logged 1,400 first-round interviews with over 130 employers, and with over 90% of the interviews occurring on site at the Institute. Students netted 2-3 job offers on average.

Commenting on the employment outcomes of the Class of 2019, the Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa said “It’s rewarding to see our students succeed in the highly competitive job market for data scientists. They have worked hard and proven themselves to be first-round draft picks with great career opportunities awaiting them upon graduation.The Institute celebrates their success and wishes them all the best as they soon embark on this next step in their professional life.”

The final report of employment outcomes for the MSA Class of 2019 will be published on May 15th.