Employer InformationAre you looking for talent to build your analytics team? We specialize in producing capable professionals who have the skills you need to be contributors from day 1.studentsThe Institute works closely with numerous organizations faced with real-world analytical challenges. We also work with interested employers to facilitate the recruitment of graduates from our Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree program. We share student resumes and post job openings, as well as arrange on-campus recruitment opportunities as a complimentary service to employers.

You can learn more about our students by downloading the current MSA Student Profile Book, containing photos and background information on each student. Prospective employers should  contact us directly to receive a free copy of the MSA Student Resume Book (available in December each year).

The Institute is a preferred recruiting ground of some of the world’s leading analytics companies. Benchmark comparisons show the MSA student profile to be competitive with the nation’s top universities. The MSA learning experience is designed to produce well-rounded analytics professionals who can become productive contributors to your organization from day one. In addition to having strong quantitative skills, our students are creative problem-solvers who go through extensive teamwork and communication training. They also have certified skills with leading industry-standard analytics tools.

Each year the Institute seeks employers to sponsor student team projects as part of the MSA Practicum. Students tackle challenging business or technical problems using data shared by sponsors under confidentiality agreements. There is no charge to sponsor a project, and all of the results of the team’s work remain the property of the sponsor.


Please let us know how we can best work together by completing the confidential employer contact form or sending requests to analytics@ncsu.edu.

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