Alex and TJ, MSA Class of 2018Welcome to the Institute for Advanced Analytics, home of the nation's first Master of Science in Analytics (MSA).Our mission: to produce the world’s finest analytics professionals. If you have a mind for mathematics and statistical programming and a passion for working with data, the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) is your program. The MSA is uniquely designed to equip individuals like yourself for the task of deriving and effectively communicating actionable insights from a vast quantity and variety of data.

HBR Big Data Since 2007 we have provided nearly 1,000 students with the knowledge and skills needed to become productive data scientists. Individuals with analytics skills are in short supply. Employer demand for talent is projected to intensify in coming years as the amount of data continues to grow. The Institute has a proven track record for placing its graduates in the analytics profession that spans a decade. Our graduates are highly sought-after and well-paid.

The Harvard Business Review identified the Institute among the best, as one of only a few sources of talent with proven strengths in data science alongside Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, and Carnegie Mellon. In addition to being the nation’s first and preeminent analytics degree, the MSA is an innovative learning experience that differs from conventional programs in several ways. As you weigh the right education to meet your needs, consider what sets the Institute apart:
Program Structure and ContentPlacement Highlights

  • Experience a fully integrated course of study taught exclusively to our students and designed to produce well-rounded professionals.
  • Learn a novel curriculum that is carefully calibrated and continually updated.
  • Interact in a 10-month cohort-based learning experience structured around teamwork and personalized coaching.
  • Tackle genuine problems with data provided by industry and government sponsors using industry-standard tools.
  • Earn a practical hands-on degree that mirrors the day-to-day work of data scientists.

Student OutcomesPlacement Highlights

  • With a strong track record for job placement by graduation, you can be confident you’ll acquire valuable skills in high demand.
  • Earn a competitive starting salary averaging close to $100,000.
  • Realize a ROI payback period that averages 25 months and an average increase in earnings over 70%.
  • Enroll in a university that is among the highest ranked in the U.S. measured in terms of graduate employability.
  • Upon completion you’ll join a tight-knit community of over 990 successful alumni working in 345 organizations worldwide. Here’s a sample:
Student Experience

The Institute welcomes applications from highly motivated individuals of exceptional talent who look to succeed as analytics professionals. For an in-depth look at the MSA degree, please view the slideshow by the Institute’s founding director Dr. Michael Rappa.

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Paige, MSA Class of 2020