Director Speaks in Silicon Valley

The Institute’s director, Dr. Michael Rappa, traveled to the heart of Silicon Valley this week to speak with attendees at the DataBeat 2013 Data Science Summit. Dr. Rappa shared the dais with colleagues from Stanford and Northwestern in a panel discussion on data science education. Northwestern launched its Master of Science in Analytics program in 2012 and will graduate its first cohort of 30 students this month. The Institute is currently in progress with its seventh Master of Science in Analytics cohort, a group of 80 candidates, who are scheduled to graduate in May. Stanford recently announced a new “Data Science Track” as part of its Master of Science in Computational and Mathematical Engineering program. There are now over 40 new graduate programs in the U.S. aimed specifically at analytics and data science.

Jure Leskovec and Michael Rappa

[Stanford professor Jure Leskovec with Michael Rappa at Databeat 2013]