Practicum Team Kick-off Meetings

Twenty-two student teams of Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) traveled to meet with their sponsors recently. Up and down the east coast from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Kansas and Texas, teams traveled to speak with executives, review business objectives, and to familiarize themselves with the sponsor organization and industry. The Class of 2018 brings the total number of practicum projects to 156 with 110 sponsors since the Institute’s inception in 2007. The projects cover a wide spectrum of problem areas and industries.

“An essential foundation of the MSA learning experience is direct and meaningful contact with real world data,” said the Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa. “The projects allow students the opportunity hone their data skills, learn how to engage with client organizations, wrestle with complex data, formulate deliverables, and meet tight deadlines. The Institute is extremely grateful to all of the sponsors for the opportunity to work with our teams.”

Slideshow of team photos from kick-off meetings: