2021 Director’s Prize

The 2021 Director’s Prize was awarded to Erin St. Jeor, recognizing her outstanding performance in what was an extraordinary year of learning remotely due to the pandemic. Erin will join Fifth Third Bank as Data Scientist in Cincinnati. Prior to joining the Institute, Erin graduated with a B.S., summa cum laude, in Elementary Education, from Brigham Young University Idaho in 2014.

About Erin St. Jeor

When Erin learned about the impact of data-driven analytics, she immediately applied it to the world around her. As an educator of young children, she had an up- close view of the inequitable outcomes for students and their families. Knowing that solutions could be discovered in data, Erin felt a hunger to learn more. Her newfound curiosity led to long and exciting evenings studying Python, SAS, and statistics. During one of these late nights, Erin used a simple programmed t-test to help her brother-in-law determine correct pre-surgery measurements of scoliosis patients—and this was the spark that lit a burning desire to use data analytics to help others.

Erin makes data-driven information accessible to the end user. In her experience as a teacher, she learned to communicate clearly and in an actionable manner. Erin is just as enthusiastic when collaborating with stakeholders one-on-one as she is while presenting information to a large audience. She delivers targeted and efficient results by intentionally focusing on the needs of the audience, client, or student while solving a problem.

Erin’s commitment to learning and teamwork is reflected in her hobbies — she enjoys participating in book clubs, competing in triathlons with friends, coaching youth soccer teams, engaging in social activism, and influencing public policy. She is eager to employ a sound understanding of data analytics to address the complex challenges that organizations face.

Class of ’21 Director’s Prize winner, Erin St. Jeor