2018 Employment Report

The employment report for the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2018 is now available. The Class of 2018, which achieved a placement rate of 95% by graduation, recorded the highest average base salary in the history of the MSA program: $98,200 (up from $95,100 for the Class of 2017). The median base salary for the class was $95,000; the median for students with prior work experience was $105,000. The ROI payback period is estimated to be 20 months on average.

Other highlights of the 2018 report:

  • 156 employers conducted 1,353 initial interviews;
  • 68 employers made a total of 310 offers of employment;
  • 49 employers – with 19 first-time employers – succeeded in hiring one or more candidates;
  • 19 employers hired 2 or more candidates;
  • 45% are employed in North Carolina;
  • 100% are employed in the U.S.;
  • 91% of students were placed with the assistance of the Institute.

The predominant position category is for data scientists, accounting for 35% of the class, with the highest base salary ($108,450).

The employment report is published each year on May 15th, marking the graduation date of the outgoing class of students. The Institute reports data at graduation, instead of the usual 90-days post, because outcomes by graduation are the strongest indicator of the true market value of the degree. The employment report is a census—accounting for each and every student in the cohort. The Institute may very well have the only MS program of its kind to report employment outcomes immediately upon graduation, and to provide comprehensive details (spanning a 12-page report).