Putnam Caps Busy Fall Season

Our appreciation goes out to the data science recruiting team at Putnam Investments for visiting the Institute and meeting with our students, capping one of our busiest fall seasons for employer information sessions. The Institute opened its doors to over two dozen employers for gatherings during the fall semester. From Boston to Tampa, and clear across the country, employers flocked to the Institute to meet the 111-student cohort in our Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2018. And we are grateful to all of them for taking time from their busy schedules to share their passion for data analytics with our students.

The fall semester employer information session line-up included visits by:
Employer Info Sessions

09/21 – Fifth Third Bank
09/28 – Central Intelligence Agency
10/02 – NetApp
10/03 – SAS Institute
10/10 – MicroStrategy
10/17 – Financial Risk Group
10/19 – Eli Lilly
10/20 – JP Morgan Chase
10/27 – Visionist
10/30 – The Home Depot
11/01 – RTI International
11/03 – Deloitte
11/07 – Elevate
11/09 – Red Ventures
11/13 – EY
11/14 – Ford Motor Company
11/15 – M&T Bank
11/27 – Elder Research
11/28 – Bank of America
12/01 – Cognizant
12/07 – Revenue Management Solutions
12/08 – Clarity Insights
12/11 – Cigna
12/12 – Zencos
12/13 – Chick-fil-A
12/14 – Bain & Company
12/15 – Putnam Investments

Employers will continue to visit in January prior to the start of the job interview season. Employers scheduled to visit in January include:

Ankura Consulting
Fidelity Investments

Interested employers can contact April Wilson, head or career services, for more information.

Putnam Investments
Putnam Investments (L-R): Christopher Liedtke, Data Scientist (MSA Class of 2016); Stephen Denny, Head of Human Resources & Chief Diversity Officer; Kate Mohorn, Data Scientist (MSA Class of 2016); and Sumedh Mehta, Chief Information Officer.