International Applicants

The Institute welcomes applicants from around the world to apply for admission to the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA). Applications from non-U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S. should be submitted as early as possible to ensure sufficient review time for admission and visa clearance prior to the program start date in June. Supporting material like TOEFL can arrive after your application. The MSA is among the world’s leading graduate programs in analytics and data science, with an unparalleled track record for placing its graduates in professional careers over the past decade.

The Institute has welcomed international students from 56 countries since 2008. The current cohort of students represents 19 countries of origin. Some of our recent international graduates and their current occupations are shown below. All employment is U.S. based.

Onam Bharti Xin Zou Mirna Domančić Natali Ojeda Meneses Binit Malla Hiwot Tesfaye Luca Piazza Shu (Grace) Dong Harish Kaushik Ellie Lo Supratik Saha Hamza Qureshi Jing Zhu