Practicum Team Kick-Off Meetings

Twenty-three student teams in the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) began meeting with their sponsors up and down the east coast from Massachusetts to Florida and into the Midwest. The teams spoke with executives to review business objectives and familiarize themselves with the sponsor organization. The Class of 2019 brings the total number of practicum projects to 180 with 120 sponsors since the Institute’s Continue reading “Practicum Team Kick-Off Meetings”

Aric LaBarr

LaBarr Appointed Associate Professor

The Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Aric LaBarr as Teaching Associate Professor. Previously, Dr. LaBarr was Director and Senior Scientist at Elder Research, and was for several years earlier a member of the Institute’s faculty teaching classes in statistics, mathematics, and operations research. Dr. LaBarr, who holds degrees in economics and statistics from NC State, specializes in predictive modeling, advanced analytics, forecasting, and risk management. Continue reading “LaBarr Appointed Associate Professor”

Audrey Chang

Chang to Head External Relations

The Institute is delighted to announce Dr. Audrey Chang has been named Head of External Relations. Previously, Dr. Chang was Chief of Business Planning and Partnerships at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Dr. Chang earned her Ph.D. in Biology from Duke University in 2009. She also holds a M.S. from the University of Chicago, and a B.S. from the University of California, Davis. Continue reading “Chang to Head External Relations”

Asurion Practicum

Practicum Sponsors Announced

The Institute is delighted to announce our practicum sponsors for the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2019. Student teams are tasked with projects from 24 sponsoring organizations. Among sponsors new this year are an impressive international line-up of major financial institutions, including Charlotte-based Bank of America, Zurich-based Credit Suisse, and Montreal-based RBC Royal Bank, as well as the biotech company, bioMérieux, based in Marcy-l’Étoile, France. Fifteen of the 24 sponsors are returning Continue reading “Practicum Sponsors Announced”

Institute to Host SRCoS

The Southern Regional Council of Statistics (SRCoS) business meeting in 2018 will take place on October 5th and 6th at the Institute for Advanced Analytics on the Centennial Campus at North Carolina State University. The meeting is being organized with the help of Dr. Susan Simmons, a professor at the Institute, who serves on the Council’s leadership team.

The SRCoS is composed of over 40 member institutions across the southern states. Its mission is to promote the improvement of post-secondary education in statistical science, assist in the development Continue reading “Institute to Host SRCoS”

Institute Welcomes Class of 2019

The Master of Science in Analytics Class of 2019—the Institute’s 12th cohort—is off and running in the summer sprint of its 10-month journey. The class is comprised of 114 students selected from a pool of 1,113 applicants, representing 17 countries of origin and 18 states stretching from Massachusetts to California. With an acceptance rate of just 14%, the Class of 2019 is the fifth consecutive cohort to meet such a highly selective criteria for admission. Additional demographic details of the Class of 2019 are provided in the newly released Admissions Report.

2018 Employment Report

The employment report for the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2018 is now available. The Class of 2018, which achieved a placement rate of 95% by graduation, recorded the highest average base salary in the history of the MSA program: $98,200 (up from $95,100 for the Class of 2017). The median base salary for the class was $95,000; the median for students with prior work experience was $105,000. The ROI payback period is estimated to be 20 months on average. Continue reading “2018 Employment Report”