SESUG Proceedings 2003

These Proceedings are the official record of the 11th Annual Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Conference held in St. Pete Beach, FL on September 22-24, 2003 at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort. Neither SAS Institute Inc. nor SESUG is responsible for the accuracy or originality of this material.

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SESUG 2003: The Proceedings of the Southeast SAS Users Group, St Pete Beach, FL, 2003

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Papers are made available by the Institute for Advanced Analytics as a courtesy to the SESUG community.

Applications Development

Building Drill-down SAS Applications
Kirk Lafler, Charles Edwin Shipp

SAS System on Network Appliance
Darrell Suggs

The Revised NTP TDMS System
Gabriel Cano, Kevin McGowan, Jean Orelien

Developing and Deploying Java Applications Around SAS: What they didn’t tell you in class
Greg Barnes Nelson, Jeff Wright

The Dataset Attribute Family of Classes
Mark Tabladillo

A Hiker’s Guide to Web Development
Steve James

Bulletproofing and Knowledge Encapsulation in Statistical Macros
John K. Troxell

A Journeyman’s reference: The Writing for Reading SAS Style Sheet: Tricks, Traps, Tips, and Templates, from SAS-L Macro Maven
Ron Fehd

A Hybrid Modeling Platform to meet Basel II Analytics in Banking
Jeffery Morrision

Information System for State Trauma Advisory Committee – An application of SAS/IntrNet
Xiao Zhuang, Sharon Schiro

A Pinch of SAS, a Fraction of HTML, and a Touch of JavaScript Serve Up a Grand Recipe
Jonah P. Turner

SAS Macros are the Cure for Quality Control Pains
Gary McQuown

A Beginners Guide to Incorporating SAS Output into MS Office
Vincent Del Gobbo

ODS for Microsoft Excel
David Shamlin

Programming for Failure: When Programs Faw Down and Go Boom
Gary E. Schlegelmilch

Coders’ Corner

Musical Macros: A Soothing Solution for a Recurrent Data Step Headache
Phil D’Almada

Libname Start Your Engines
Janet E. Stuelpner

Spreading the News: Using System Options
Deb Cassidy

The Evolution of a Macro: Converting your SAS files to a Different Version
John C. Gober, Jana L. Smith, Debi Mullen

Create a Simple, Informative Summary from Proc T-Test Output
Jennifer Warner

How to Get What You Need, Part 1
Chris Toppe

How to Get What You Need, Part 2
Chris Toppe

Processing Large Lists of Variables and Parameters Using SAS Arrays and Macro Language
Eugene Tsykalov

Using the SAS system in Very Limited Time/Resource Environment
Milorad Stojanovich

Machine Reading of Warranty Claims for Classification
Robert McCurdy

SAS Dating Tips – A Beginner’s Guide to SAS Dates
Erik S. Larsen

Advantages of PROC SCORE
Mark Tabladillo

Using SAS Macro Language to Develop User-Written Functions
Deb Pine

A “Real” Drill-Down Graph
Jenine Eason

Data Management

New Technologies for Delivering Data to Internal and External Clients
Sigurd W. Hermansen

Data-driven Validation Rules: Custom Data Validation without Custom Programming
Don Hopkins

A Technique for Storing and Manipulating Incomplete Dates in a Single SAS Date Value
John Ingersoll

Checking Datasets before Submitting Code
Mark Tabladillo

Automated Testing and Real-time Event Management: An Enterprise Notification System
Greg Barnes Nelson, Danny Grasse

Demand for Analysis-Ready Data Sets: An Introduction to Banking and Credit Card Analytics
Bikila bi Gwet

PROC SQL: Why Use It When Simple IF THEN Statements Work?
Susan Myers, Inga Allred

Using DDE and SAS/Macro for Automated Excel Report Consolidation and Generation
Sandra Archer, Mengxi Li, Russell Denslow

Data Presentation

Special Education Practice and Policy: What Principals Know and Need to Know
Wendy Dickinson, Tanice Knopp, Janice Fauske

Pivoting Data. An Alternative to ACROSS Variables of the REPORT Procedure
Mr. Bikila (Kila) bi Gwet

Credit Card Portfolio Performance Assessment. A Case of Business Intelligence
Mr. Bikila (Kila) bi Gwet

SAS/Intrnet and Census Mapping: How Low Would You Like to Get?
Lakshmi Pandey, William Joseph Smith, David Sjoquist

Using SAS and Other Tools to Move an Institutional Research (IR) Office from Hardcopy Reporting to a Web-Based Environment
Sabrina L. Andrews, Evangeline Collado, Patricia Ramsey

Bookmarks, Links, and It Looks Great Printed Too, Come In and See What ODS PDF Can Do For You!
Kevin Delaney

Tedious Template Made Easy
Cindy Stroupe

Building a Web-based EIS for Data Analysis
Ed Confer

Introduction to SAS

Do You Want to Know a Secret (or Two)?
Chris Toppe

Working with SAS Date and Time Functions
Andrew Karp

A Gentle Introduction To SAS/GRAPH
Ben Cochran

Passing Along SAS Data – SET, MERGE, and UPDATE
Andrew T. Kuligowski


SAS to EXCEL: An Integrated Reporting System
Fran Cohen

UltraEdit–THE EDITOR for SAS Programming
Eugene Tsykalov

An Overview of SAS Certification and the Test Development Process
Linda Althouse, Marc Vaglio-Laurin

Tips for Running Simulations in SAS
Dave Dickey, Sandy Donaghy, Joy Smith

Dynamically Assigning TREPLAY Statements for Producing Multiple Plots Per Page
Alice Lail, Karen Wade

What is Missing in SAS?
Imelda Go

Creating an Intranet Toolbox of Selective Oracle Metadata
John C. Gober, Jana L. Smith, Debi Mullen

Data Acquisition Portal (DAP): Web Based Data Collection Application
Christina Carty, Linda Linzy, Norman Oals, Elizabeth Spence, Reuben Richards


Data Step Hieroglyphics – ?*)&:@|_%(}
Harry Droogendyk

SAS in the Office – IT Works
Peter Eberhardt

A Table-Driven ODS Macro
Diane E. Brown

Dynamic SAS Programming Techniques, or How NOT to Create Job Security
Suzanne McCoy, Steven Beakley

The Sublime Secrets of the SAS SQLheads
Sigurd W. Hermansen

“LAG with a WHERE” and other DATA Step Stories
Neil Howard

A Sampler of Code Techniques
Ian Whitlock

Using an Array as an IF Switch
Ed Heaton, Nazik Elgaddal

Pruning the SASLOG – Digging into the Roots of NOTEs, WARNINGs, and ERRORs
Andrew T. Kuligowski

Keeping Up With the FUN: New Functions in SAS 9
Deb Cassidy

Version 9 Data Migration: How to do it and know you’ve done it right
Diane Olson

That’s my Style
Himesh Patel, Jeff Cartier

Charting a Course through Your Data and Procedures: Bar, Flow, Gant, Histogram, Process, Pie and so many others
Gary McQuown

Easy and Simple Job Tracking
Phil Busby

Behind the Scenes at SAS-L
Joe Kelley

Statistics and Data Analysis

An Introduction to Genomics and SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions
Russ Wolfinger, Kristen Quinlan, Susan Flood

An Algorithm for Screening of Genes and Clusters from Microarray Experiments
James Blum

Management of CABG Patient Mortality Using SAS Logistic Regression by Cohorts: Age, Sex and Cleveland Clinic Defined Risk Factors, Five Years Of Data And Analysis Compressed Onto a 3 X 5 Pocket Guide
Lucinda Jenkins, Bing Dao Li, Mike Mueller, Steve Adzima

EFFECT_CI: A SAS Macro for Constructing Confidence Intervals Around Standardized Mean Differences
Melinda Hess, Jeffrey Kromrey

Using the SAS System to Construct n-Values Plots
Peter Wludyka, Amy Cox

Comparison of PROC MIXED and PROC GLM for Analysis of Repeated Measures Data
Hossein Yarandi

Too Many Choices! The IMPORTANCE of Rank-Ordering Independent Variables Prior to Exploratory Data Analysis
Gregg Weldon

Methods of Dealing with Values Below the Limit of Detection Using SAS
Carry Croghan, Peter Egeghy

A SAS Macro to Design Phase II Clinical Trials
Alan Cantor

Identifying Person Duplicates of Short Geographic Distance by Computer Matching
Vincent T. Mule

An Interactive Approach to Multiple Comparison Procedures
Peter Davis

METAPERM: A SAS Macro for Permutation Tests of Linear Models in Meta-analysis
Jeffrey D. Kromery, Kristine Y. Hogarty

An Analysis Tool for Reviewing Farm Economic Data Using SAS /AF
Van Johnson

Statistical Analysis of Genotype X Environment Interaction in Agricultural Research
K. Bondari

Missing Data Values: Analyzing their Effects on Rainfall Forecasts Using PROC EXPAND and the SAS Time-Series Forecasting System
Richard March

Preparing Data using SAS for Paired Sample Comparison in Epidemiology Research
Wei Zhao, Hua Li

Developing a Marketing Geographic Segmentation System Using SAS Software
Kellie M Poulin, Allison N. Freeman

Training and Professional Development

SAS’s Resources for Learning
Michele Ensor

Efficient Way to Learn SAS with Virtually No Cost
Mirjana Stojanovic

SAS Consultants: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
Gary McQuown

SAS Tip, An Affordable Alternative to Traditional SAS Training
Erin Christen

Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a SAS Software Consultant
Andrew Karp

So You Want to Write a Paper? That Paper about Writing a Paper
Dianne Rhodes


Dare to Compare – Tailoring PROC COMPARE Output
Maria Reiss

SAS Formats: Uses and Abuses
Carry Croghan

Am I Evil?: Proc Template Exposed!!!
Kevin Delaney

Greetings from the Edge – Using javaobj in DATA Step
Richard A. DeVenezia

Dictionary Tables: Essential Tools for Serious Applications
Frank DiIorio, Jeff Abolafia

Table Lookup By Direct Addressing: From V8 To V9
Paul Dorfman

Andrew H. Karp

An Animated Guide: Proc Report: The File Behind the Scenes
Russell Lavery

Contrasting Programming Techniques For Summarizing Voluminous SAS Output Using the SAS Output Delivery System(ODS)
Stuart Long, Lawrence P. Park

Getting What You Want Out Of A Many-to-Many Merge
Sonal R. Pathak, Shabnam Mehra

Using SAS and Other XML Tools Effectively
Scott E. Chapal

How Regular Expressions Really Work
Jack Shoemaker

How to Implement the One-Time Methodology
Mark Tabladillo

SAS MACROS: Tips, Techniques, and Examples
Andrew M. Traldi

Excel Exposed: Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Extract Metadata from MS Excel Workbooks
Koen Vyverman

Creating a Compact Columnar Output with PROC REPORT
Walter R. Young

The Utter Simplicity and Power of the TABULATE Procedure
Dan Bruns