SESUG Proceedings 2001

These Proceedings are the official record of the 9th Annual Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Conference held in New Orleans, LA on September 22 – 24, 2001 at the Intercontinental. Neither SAS Institute Inc. nor SESUG is responsible for the accuracy or originality of this material.

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SSU 2001: Proceedings of the Southeast SAS Users Group Conference New Orleans, LA, 2001

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Published in the USA

Papers are made available by the Institute for Advanced Analytics as a courtesy to the SESUG community.

Data Warehousing

Producing Multipurpose Metadata for Data Quality, Trending, and a Data Dictionary
John Bentley

Simplified Software Project Management for the Rest of Us Or a Twelve Step Program for the Chronically Overworked Programmer, Project Leader or Manager
Tom Mannigel

A Scorecard Approach to Improving Data Quality
Robert Phelps, Phil Nousak

Data Warehousing – Lessons Learned
Fran Akridge

Biotech Warehouse – Stretching the Limit of Columns
Larry Bramblett

Use of SAS/ETS and the BLS-Census Data Ferret for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program
Dr. Richard March

Data Quality — Spinning Straw into Gold
Bob Brauer

Using the SAS ACCESS Engine for DB2 OS/390 to Bulk Load Tables
Robert Maitland Jr., Tom Weber, George Bischoff

Using the SAS/Access Libname Technology to Get Improvements in Performance and Optimizations in SAS/SQL Queries
Fred Levine

Emerging Technologies

All I Really Want… A Wish List for New SAS Software Enhancements
Peter Parker

Version 9: Scaling the Future
Diane Olson, Robert Ra

Avoiding eOverload: Personalizing Web Content through Security, eIntelligence and Data Mining
Greg Barnes Nelson

Knowledge Management Using an Expert System Written in SAS
Anthony Dymond

SAS and Electronic Mail: Send e-mail Faster, and DEFINITELY More Efficiently
Roy Fleischer

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MDDBs, HOLAP, EIS, and SAS/IntrNet in the Development of an Interactive System
Lori Guido, Richard Denby

Integrating SAS/Connect with Java
John LaBore, Randy Curnutt, Michael J. Pell

WAP Enabling SAS Applications
S. David Riba

Hands On Workshops

Who Needs To Know Program Syntax When You Have Enterprise Guide?

Basic Macro Processing

Version 8 ODS (Output Delivery System)

SQL Processing

Running SAS Applications on the Web

Creating Java Based Applications

Reading and Writing Data from Microsoft Excel/Word Using DDE

Interactive PROC Report

Graphing in SAS Software

Internet, Intranet and the Web

HTML for the SAS Programmer
Lauren Haworth

Delivering Information Everywhere using JSP and SAS
Pat Herbert, Bryan Boone

Using SAS/INTRNET Software
Kevin Davidson

Building a SAS Intranet Site
Tim Williams

Sounds Like a Good Idea, But What’s the ROI?
John Bentley

Web-Intelligence: A Primer
Don Henderson, Ralph Mittl

Case Studies in Data Management on the Web
Carol Martell

Using the SOCKET Access Method to Invoke SAS Programs
Rick Langston

Obtaining and Using Euro Currency Rates in SAS Programs
Rick Langston

A SAS-Based Approach to WEB-Based Surveys
Bernard Poisson

Avoiding Entanglements – Migrating Applications to the Web
Eric Brinsfield

Delivering OLAP Solutions to the Web
Tammy Gagliano, Tony Prier

WebHound: Your Best Friend for Web Traffic Analysis
Dean Duncan, Frank Lieble, Sally Muller, Carol Martell

Energizing End Users with a Slice of SAS and a Cup of Java
John LaBore, Randy Curnutt, Michael J. Pell

The Role of SAS/Intrnet in a Web-Enabled Database System
John Copeland, David W. King, Paul C. Gangarosa

The Beauty of OUT2HTM with Proc Report
David Steves

Web Based Report Ordering Combined with Base/SAS Mainframe Batch Processing
Andre Brainard

A Generic Solution to Running the SAS System on the Web without SAS/Intrnet
David Ward

Introduction to SAS

Introduction to the SAS Programming Language
Thomas Winn

The INPUT Statement: Where It’s @
Ron Cody

Manipulating Data: Elements of the DATA Step Language
Paul Dorfman

Passing Along SAS Data: SET, MERGE, and UPDATE
Andrew T. Kuligowski

Understanding and Using Functions
Frank DiIorio

Basic SAS PROCedures for Generating Quick Results
Kirk Lafler

Formats, Informats and How to Program with Them
Ian Whitlock

What’s Next?
Thomas J. Winn


Cubes on the Cheap
Jimmy DeFoor

Transforming Single Record Spreadsheet Data into Multiple Observations
Glenda Garner

Generating Matched Case Data Using PROC SQL
Imelda Go

Overcoming the Challenges of Longitudinal Data Collection
Imelda Go

Defining Test Data Using Population Analysis
Clarence W. Jackson

Web-Application Bar Charts without SAS/GRAPH
Steve James

Bootstrapping a Multidimensional Preference Analysis
E. Barry Moser, Xiaoming Liang

Detecting Anomalies in Your Data Using Benford’s Law
Curtis Smith

How American Express Saved $1M in CPU charges
Hermes Villalobos

Avoiding a (Graphic) Identity Crisis with ODS HTML Styles
Jaclyn Whitehorn

Implementing Digital Analysis Using SAS
Thomas J. Winn, Jr.

SAS Solutions and Vertical Products

OLAP Best Practices: What You Need to Consider When Building and Deploying an OLAP Application
Greg Henderson

Use of SAS/AF V8e to Compare Death Certificate Data with Health Survey Data from the National Center for Health Statistics
Gretchen Jones, Sandra T. Rothwell, Christine S. Cox

Creating Visit Specific CRF Checklists for a Longitudinal Study Using a SAS/AF Application
Emily Mixon, Karen B. Fowler

Supplier Management with SAS Supply Chain Solutions
Ed Hughes

Florida Community College System – Putting Minds to Work
Jeanette Humphrey, Howard Campbell, Brian Walsh

Using Recursion in the SAS System
David Ward

Creating Student Academic Profiles
Janice McBee

Sending E-mail From a Mainframe Using SAS in an MVS Environment
Michelle Gillespie, Douglas A. Pacas

Using SAS to Create Presentation Quality Spreadsheets in Excel
Joyce Hartley

V6 to V8 Applications: To Web or Not to Web?
Sharon Muha, Elizabeth Malcom

Point and Click Web Pages with Design-Time Controls and SAS/IntrNet Software
Vincent DelGobbo, John Leveille

AppDev Studio Release 2.0
Carl LaChapelle

A Modular Approach to Portable Programming
Michael Litzsinger, Lisa Brooks

OOP Needs OOA and OOD
Andrew Ratcliffe

Optimizing Data Extraction from Oracle Tables
Caroline Bahler


Elegant Tables: Dressing up your TABULATE Results
Lauren Haworth

Creating Adobe PDF Files From SAS Graph Output
Patrick McGown

Behind the Scenes at SAS-L
Francis J. Kelley

Dynamically Instantiating Widgets on SAS Frames: Why, How, and When
David Ward

Proc Format, a Speedy Alternative to Sort/Merge
Jenine Eason

Using the SAS Annotate Facility for Creating Custom Graphs
Patrick McGown

An Assembler Written in SAS
Ed Heaton

A Couple of Tasty SAS Programming Tunes
Paul Dorfman

Problem Solving Techniques with SQL
Kirk Lafler

Functional Functions
Gary McQuown, Dorothy Brown

Creating Regional Maps with Drill-Down Capabilities
Deb Cassidy

Structuring Base SAS for Easy Maintenance
Gary Schlegelmilch

Taming the Chaos: Managing Large SAS/AF Applications Using Programming Standards and the Source Control Manager of Version 8 of the SAS System
C. Michael Whitney

Debugging Made Easy
Andrew Ratcliffe

Statistics and Data Analysis

Modeling Data with Nonparametric Methods Using SAS Software
Robert Cohen, Dong Xiang

Individual Growth Analysis Using PROC MIXED
Maribeth Johnson

Power and Sample Size Determination for Linear Models
John Castelloe, Ralph G. O’Brien

Using the SAS System to Estimate Sample Size Requirements for Small Sample Confidence Intervals
Jim Penny

Optimal Solution of Discrete Resource Allocation Problems with SAS/OR Software
LTC Douglas McAllaster

A Confidence Interval Approach to Gene Chip Analysis
Jennifer Waller, Mark G. Anderson

The Output Delivery System for Data Analysis
Randy Tobias

Customizing Statistical Reports Using ODS and Proc Template
Joy Munk Smith, Sandra B. Donaghy

Getting Started with PROC LOGISTIC
Andrew Karp

Ideas on Variable Selection and Alternative Links in Procedure CATMOD
Kimberly DeJarnatt, James E. Dunn

Using the SAS System to Study the Gender and Level Measurement Equivalence of a Multi-rater Survey
Jim Penny

Using the SAS System to Demonstrate the Equivalence of On-line and On-paper Survey Administration across Levels of Raters
Jim Penny

Using SAS to Control Multistream Binomial Pocesses
Peter Wludyka, Sheri Jacobs

2001: A SAS/STAT Odyssey
Maura Stokes

A Simulation Study to Compare the Performance of Permutation Tests for Time by Group Interaction in an Unbalanced Repeated-Measures Design, Using Two Permutation Schemes
Mark Litaker, Bernard Gutin

Heel Ultrasound As A Predictor of Appendicular Bone Mineral Density
Rebecca Frederick, E. Barry Moser, Ellen R. Brooks

Survey Estimates and Variance Estimation Using the SURVEYMEANS Procedure
Hossein Yarandi, Shawn J. Kneipp

Bootstrapping the Levene Test for Equality of Variances
Robert Stewart


Conversion of SUDAAN Output into Publication-Quality Tables–A Simplified Approach
Charlotte Gard

ODS, YES! Odious, NO! – An Intro to the SAS Output Delivery System.
Lara Bryant, Sally Muller, Ray Pass

Changes & Enhancements for ODS by Example (through Version 8.2)
Sandy McNeill, David Kelley

SAS on the Web: How do I get There from Here?
Carol Martell, Ruth Marinshaw, Eric A. Rodgman

XML and SAS: An Advanced Tutorial
Greg Barnes Nelson

Multiprocessing with Version 8 of the SAS System
Cheryl Doninger

The Metamorphosis of a Study Design
Marge Scerbo, Craig Dickstein

Introduction to the SAS Macro Language
Thomas J. Winn

A Beginners Tour of a Project using SAS Macros Led by SAS-L’s Macro Maven
Ronald Fehd

Are Strings Tying You in Knots?
Deb Cassidy

INVALID: a Data Review Macro Using Proc FORMAT Option Other=INVALID to Identify and List Outliers
Ronald Fehd

Advanced Macro Topics
Steve First

Top-Down Programming with SAS Macros
Ed Heaton

Lisa Davis

Evaluating the Use of Enterprise Guide in Introductory Statistics Classes
Sandra B. Donaghy, Joy Munk Smith

Fuzzy Key Linkage: Robust Data Mining Methods for Real Databases
Sigurd Hermansen

Point, Set, Match (Merge) – A Beginners Lesson
Jennifer Hoff Lindquist

Data Cleaning and Base SAS Functions
Caroline Bahler

PROC REPORT: How to Get Started
Malachy Foley

Direct Addressing Techniques of Table Look-Up: I Key-Indexing and Bitmapping; II Hashing
Paul Dorfman

Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System
Andrew T. Kuligowski

Rev Up Your Spreadsheets With Some V8 Power
Peter Eberhardt

Using Functions and Arrays in the SAS System to Manage and Manipulate Data
Ben Cochran

Changes and Enhancements to PROC MEANS in Version 8 of the SAS System
Andrew H. Karp

Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE
Lauren Haworth

The Utter Simplicity of the TABULATE Procedure – The Final Chapter?
Dan Bruns

Lauren Haworth

PROC SQL – Is it a Required Tool for Good SAS Programming?
Ian Whitlock

To Annotate or Not to Annotate, There Should Be No Question!
Keith Cranford

How Fast Can You Type *or* Go Ahead and Get Snippity
John Gober