SESUG Proceedings

SESUG Conference Proceedings

The Institute for Advanced Analytics is pleased to host the archive of past proceedings of the Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Annual Meetings as a courtesy to the SAS user community. The archive contains 2,142 papers presented at the meeting since 1999.

Browse the SESUG proceedings by year:

SESUG 2017, Cary, North Carolina

SESUG 2016, Bethesda, Maryland

SESUG 2015, Savannah, Georgia

SESUG 2014, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

SESUG 2013, St. Pete Beach, Florida

SESUG 2012, Durham, North Carolina

SESUG 2011, Alexandria, Virginia

SESUG 2010, Savannah, Georgia

SESUG 2009, Birmingham, Alabama

SESUG 2008, St. Pete Beach, Florida

SESUG 2007, Hilton Head, South Carolina

SESUG 2006, Atlanta, Georgia

SESUG 2005, Portsmouth, Virginia

SESUG 2004, Nashville, Tennessee

SESUG 2003, St. Pete Beach, Florida

SESUG 2002, Savannah, Georgia

SESUG 2001, New Orleans, Louisiana

SESUG 2000, Charlotte, North Carolina

SESUG 1999, Mobile, Alabama

Please note: The Institute for Advanced Analytics is not the publisher of the SESUG proceedings and it not responsible for its content. Questions or concerns about the proceedings should be addressed directly to SESUG.