SESUG Proceedings 2009

These Proceedings are the official record of the 17th annual Southeast SAS Users Group (SESUG) Conference held in Birmingham, AL on October 25 – 27, 2009 at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel and the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. Neither SAS Institute Inc. nor SESUG is responsible for the accuracy or originality of this material.

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SESUG 2009: The Proceedings of the Southeast SAS Users Group, Birmingham, AL, 2009

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Published in the USA

Papers are made available by the Institute for Advanced Analytics as a courtesy to the SESUG community.

Application Development

Customer Retention Predictive Modeling in HealthCare Insurance Industry

From Obscurity to Utility: ADDR, PEEK, POKE as DATA Step Programming Tools

High Performance Analytics with In-Database Processing

Importing Complicated Excel® Files into SAS® Drug Development (SDD)

Maximum SAS®: Analyzing and Increasing Performance

No More Blue Screens – Running SAS® on Windows Servers

Putting Lipstick on Legacy SAS® Code

Resolving Value Differences among Duplicates, A Rule-based Approach

SAS® Macro Design Issues

Supporting a SAS® Server Architecture

Use SAS® to Check Misspelled Words in Excel Files

Coders’ Corner

A Macro to Unravel Macros

A SAS® Macro for Deming Regression

A SAS® Macro to Automate the Process of Define.xml

A Simple SAS® Utility to Dynamically Create Variable Names and Recode the Associated Values

A User-Friendly Macro for Last Observation Carried Forward

Adapt to Change of Table Numbers in Deliverable with One Click

Daunting Tasks Made Simple with Input Techniques and Macro Processing

Exchanging data between SAS® and Microsoft Excel

Exploring SAS® PROC CDISC Model=ODM and its Undocumented Parameters

Macro Solution to Oracle Limitation

Macro to Retain Group Variable Names in PROC REPORT’s ODS RTF Outputs

Multiple Imputation for Survey Data Analysis

SAS® Macro Autocall and %Include

Short, Sweet and Simple…how to do more with less in SAS®

True or False: Evaluating Logical expressions

Utilizing the SAS® Macro Facility to Interface with PROC COMPARE

Foundations and Fundamentals

A Little Stats Won’t Hurt You

A Real Case Use of the Data Step Debugger

A Serious Look Macro Quoting

DATA Step versus PROC SQL Programming Techniques

Don’t Be a SAS® Dinosaur: Modernizing Programs with Base SAS 9.2 Enhancements

Getting from SAS® 9.1.3 to SAS® 9.2: Migration Tools or Promotion Tools

Handling Dates in the Macro Facility

Implementing User-Friendly Macro Systems

Industrial Strength Analytics: A Brief Overview of SAS/OR®

Labels, Labels, and More Labels

Looking Beneath the Surface of Sorting

Navigating the SAS® Business Intelligence Client Tools

Tips for Moving to SAS® Enterprise Guide® on Unix

Your Friend – Custom Formats

Hands-on Workshops

A Hands-on Tour Inside the World of PROC SQL®

Advanced PROC REPORT: Getting Your Tables Connected Using Links

Graphing the Easy Way with SAS® Enterprise Guide® (or How to Look Good With Less Effort)

How to Use ARRAYs and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?

List Processing Basics: Creating and Using Lists of Macro Variables

More Tips and Tricks for Creating Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®

SAS® Add in to MS Office – A Tutorial

Streamlining Data Analysis

The SAS® Hash Object in Action


A Macro for Computing the Mantel-Fleiss Criterion

A Modular Approach to Develop Complex Data Errors Checking Program in Clinical Trial Environment

A System To Standardize Creating Files Using Visual Basic 6.0 and SAS® Automation

Are Differences in Marital Status an Important Factor for KAP Related to HIV/AIDS in Saoner Rural Area?

Building Effective Statistical Programming Teams for Clinical Trials

Constructing Baseline of Customer’s Hourly Electric Usage in SAS®

Graphs in Flash, using Graph Template Language (GTL)

MIXED_DX: A SAS® Macro for Two-Level Linear Model Diagnostics

Mapping Nested e-CRF Data into SDTM Domains

Matching SAS® Data Sets with PROC SQL: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Match, Match Again

ODS Graphics Designer

Quartile Conundrum

Using SAS® to Explain Mediator and Moderator Effect for Social Support of Mothers of Mentally Ill Children

Using SAS® to Explore the Impact of a Care Management Maternity Program

Reporting and Information Visualization

Advanced Topics in ODS

Cool Maps with Custom Areas

Exploring JMP® 8 Integration with SAS® 9.2:
A Rich Set of Development Tools for the Analytic/Dynamic Report Application Developer

Export Customized Graphs Directly into Microsoft Word Using Dynamic Data Exchange

Inline Formatting with ODS Markup

Integrating Geocode Data from the Google Map API and SAS/GRAPH®

No More Downloading – Using SAS/ODS® to Create Graphs and HTML Documents for z/OS Systems
– Updated for SAS® V9.1

Notes from an Intersection: Google Earth @ SAS®

Pleasing the Client: Creating Custom Reports with SAS® ODS Layout and Proc Report

Stop Light Reporting with PROC REPORT

Tips and Tricks IV: More SAS/GRAPH® Map Secrets

Using ODS Select to Limit SAS® Output

Using the Excel XP tagset and DDE to create At-A-Glance Summary Spreadsheets
–Compiled, Written, and Formatted with one SAS® click!

Simple but Clever

An Approach to Creating Archives That Minimizes Storage Requirements

Automating Distribution of Formatted Reports Using Base SAS®

Boot Camp for Programmers: Stuff You Need to Know That’s Not in the Manual
– Best Practices to Help Us Achieve Reproducibility

Cr8_In_List – Easy Table Driven Programming

ODS Packages: Putting Some Zip in Your ODS Output

PROC MIXED: Macro to Assess Fixed and Random Effects for Significance
Using the Likelihood Ratio Test and the Approximate Mixture Method

Resetting Variables to Zero

SCL is Gone, How Do I Get Variables From My Users Into SAS Enterprise Guide®?

Source Code Documentation: When Comments Get in the Way

THINK Before You Type. Best Practices Learned the Hard Way

Taking the PROC FREQ a Step Beyond

Using Formats, MP Connect®, and Other SAS® Efficiency Techniques to save Time and Disk Space

Statistics and Data Analysis

A Logistic Regression Model to Predict Freshmen Enrollments

A Monte Carlo Study to Evaluate the Robust Standard Error Feature in PHREG procedure

A New Effect Modification P Value Test Demonstrated

An Easy and Convenient Method for Constructing Contrasts

An Introduction to SAS/IML® Studio for SAS/STAT® Users

Developing Business Failure Prediction Models Using SAS® Software

Enrollment Simulation in Clinical Trials

Estimation of Coefficients of Individual Agreement (CIAs) for Quantitative and Binary Data using SAS® and R

Getting Correct Results from PROC REG

Imputation for Censored Observations in Survival Studies Allowing for a Positive Cure Rate

Jittering: A SAS® Macro to Shift Overlapping Plots

Methods, Models, and More: New Analyses Available with SAS/STAT® 9.2

SAS® and Clinical IVRS: Beyond Schedule Creation

The Effect of Missing Data on Repeated Measures Models

The Use of SAS® in MetaAnalysis