John ElderThe Institute was honored to have Dr. John Elder, a leader in the field of data mining, predictive analytics, and text mining, deliver the capstone guest lecture of the fall semester for students in the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2015. Dr. Elder is an award-winning author on techniques for practical data mining, ensembles and text mining. Founder of Elder Research in 1995, his company works on a wide variety of data and text mining projects. Dr. Elder was joined by two Elder Research colleagues and Institute alumni, Gerhard Pilcher (MSA 2011) and Daniel Bailey (MSA 2013). Read the rest of this entry »

The Institute welcomes applicants for the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2016, our 9th student cohort, which will begin studies next summer. Applications are now being reviewed and the process will continue on a rolling basis, so it is advantageous to apply early. If you plan to submit an application, don’t delay. Here are some common questions Read the rest of this entry »

Aric LaBarrDr. Aric LaBarr was invited to participate in an NSF-sponsored workshop to consider and to help outline educational programs designed to prepare a workforce capable of meeting the challenge of large-scale data in neuroscience. Information-neuroscience, or “iNeuro,” is an emerging field that demands an appropriately skilled workforce educated via an unprecedented transdisciplinary approach. The academic regimens that would provide adequately trained individuals are without precedent and need to be developed. The goal of the workshop is to produce guidelines for educating the next generation of information curators/scientists. The workshop brought together managers and purveyors of data resources, individuals involved with bioinformatics training, Read the rest of this entry »

Michael RappaThe Institute’s director, Dr. Michael Rappa, was in midtown Manhattan today to participate on a panel of experts to discuss the implications for the legal professional of the rapidly expanding volumes of data used in litigation. The keynote panel, held at the ALM Legal Analytics and the Business of Law Summit, also featured ARPC partner Amy Brockman; Anthony Battista, a partner at Condon and Forsyth; and David Pluchinsky, a partner at Bierne, Maynard and Parsons. With the amount and complexity of data involved in the discovery process—especially in large scale litigation like class-action law suits—lawyers are finding themselves increasingly in need of analytics professionals to help understand the facts and build a case.

Want to advance aviation safety mining terabytes of data flowing from modern airliners? Or reduce medical costs and improve quality of care analyzing millions of health records? Are you a sports enthusiast and want to live Moneyball in real life? Our graduates do all that and more. If you have a mind for mathematics and statistical programming, and a passion for working with data to solve challenging problems, we invite you to join the Institute and hundreds of its alumni and let us help boost your career as an analytics professional. Apply for admission to the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2016, slated to begin studies next June. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so it’s wise to apply early. Information sessions are held throughout the fall semester. Photo: 2014 graduates Mitushi (employed at Apple) and Allison (employed at Deloitte).

Fidelity InvestmentsThe Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa was the opening keynote speaker today at the Data Strategy Symposium, a worldwide gathering of 250 technical professionals in the data engineering and architecture organization at Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s leading financial services firms. The symposium was convened by the Technology Advisory Group chaired by Mihir Shah, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at Fidelity. Dr. Rappa shared with attendees his perspective on data science and how to address the growing shortage of analytics talent. He highlighted the Institute’s novel 10-month Master of Science in Analytics degree program and its growing pipeline of graduates. Joining Dr. Rappa as a featured speak was Dr. Phil Shelley, President at Chicago-based Newton Park Partners and thought-leader in the field of big data.

The University of North Carolina Board of Governors voted today to approve the Institute’s proposal to acquire a larger facility to accommodate enrollment growth in the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree program. The Institute will proceed to seek closure on a lease agreement for approximately 25,000 square feet, which will allow it to enroll up to 120 students in the MSA Class of 2016 next June. “We’re excited about the opportunity to expand enrollment and ready to move forward,” said the Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa. “The MSA has one of the university’s largest applicant pools for a graduate program, and now we’ll be able to admit that many more talented and deserving candidates.”

Michael RappaThe Institute’s director, Dr. Michael Rappa, delivered a keynote address today at the Analytics 2014 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Rappa discussed how universities are solving the talent shortage in analytics and illustrated his talk with the Institute’s successful seven-year track record with the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) degree program. Dr. Rappa called on universities to breakdown barriers to interdisciplinary education and explore creative solutions to organize the learning experience in ways that better prepare graduates for working with big data. He also called on the private sector to partner closely with universities, and to seek out and support Read the rest of this entry »

Patrick HallMaster of Science in Analytics (MSA) faculty and alumni converged in large numbers on Las Vegas last week at Analytics 2014, the premiere annual event bringing together 1,000 analytics professionals. Representing the Institute at the conference was MSA alumnus Patrick Hall, who presented an overview of machine learning. Read the rest of this entry »

Kick-off meetings held here and elsewhere around the country marked the beginning of the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2015 practicum projects for 17 teams of students. Many of the teams traveled to their sponsor’s locations, up and down the east coast to destinations such as Boston, New York, Washington, DC, and Jacksonville, Florida. The practicum is a core facet of the MSA learning experience, where teams of students work on challenging problems using large amounts of proprietary data from the sponsors. The projects last 8 months and culminate in late April when teams hit the road once again to deliver executive-level presentations to their sponsors.  Read the rest of this entry »

Analytics 2014The Institute’s director Dr. Michael Rappa joins advisory board member Dr. Jerry Oglesby as co-chairs of the Analytics 2014 conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 19-21. With over 1,000 registered attendees, Analytics 2014 is one of the year’s major educational events that brings together working professionals, industry experts and leading researchers in the field of analytics.

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