Apply Now for the Class of 2018

The Institute welcomes applicants for the Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) Class of 2018, our 11th student cohort, which will begin studies in June. The MSA is the nation’s longest running full-fledged master’s degree program in data science with an unparalleled track record for producing highly sought-after graduates. Applications are now being reviewed and the process will continue on a rolling basis, so apply early. Here are some common questions prospective applicants have:

Why is it important to apply early? The Institute has a limited number of seats, and seats are filled as qualified candidates are admitted. Getting your application in the queue early gives you the best chance to land a seat.

I am an international applicant. Can I still apply? Yes, but if you currently live outside the U.S., it’s essential to submit your application as soon as possible to provide sufficient time for obtaining a student visa.

Should I wait until my letters of recommendations are complete before submitting my application? No, you can submit your application sooner and allow the recommendations to follow afterward.

Should I wait until my scores (such as GRE or GMAT) are available before submitting my application? The Institute does not require a standardized entrance exam. Do not submit a score unless requested.

I am an international applicant. Should I wait until my TOEFL scores are available before submitting my application? No, you should not wait. The English language proficiency test score can be forwarded at a later date after your application is submitted.

I have submitted my application, but the system shows it is still incomplete. Why is it, and what should I do? It is normal for the system to show an incomplete application because of delays in the time it takes for the Graduate School to update an application folder with transcripts and other supporting materials. Please be patient. We will notify applicants if they need to take any further action not to delay your application.

Can I pursue the MSA online? No, we do not offer an online version.

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